Don’t rob Peter to pay Claus this Christmas!


Hey! Remember, there’s life after Christmas – also bills, car notes and mortgages! So, if you didn’t get a chance to set something aside to purchase Christmas gifts, it may not be a good idea to rob Peter to pay Claus this Christmas.

As Christmas draws near, many of us will spend money that we don’t have to purchase gifts beyond our means. According to a Gallup poll, Americans believe they will spend an average of $781 for Christmas gifts alone. For most of us, that is equivalent to a mortgage payment. Before making your list and checking it twice, there are some things you should consider, so this Christmas doesn’t cause a financial setback. [Read more…]

How I am using what I have to be debt free!

Not to long ago I wrote an article concerning how I crawled out of credit card debt.  After finally getting out of credit card debt, I started thinking…If I could get out of credit card debt, wouldn’t it be great to get out of ALL debt!  I now believe it is possible to be even free from my mortgage and Ms. Sallie Mae! So, now I am on a mission!

Use what you have

Nothing inspired me more than the passage found in 2 Kings 4:1-7.  It speaks of a widower whose husband left her with debt.  She had nothing in her possession but a jar of oil.  After seeking wise counsel from a prophet, he instructed her to simply use what she had to get out of debt!

Wow, I thought…we all have something in our possession to help us get out of debt.  The key is asking God to reveal it to us and use it to become debt free.  This could be items that you are no longer using, downsizing your lifestyle, using your passion or purpose to further the kingdom and more importantly, applying the money earned to become debt free!

Take a pause

Before starting this journey of simply becoming debt free, I remember not long ago that I felt it was time for me to add a new shiny car to my lifestyle:) So I started looking.  However, I just couldn’t seem to find a great deal.  But I now know it was nobody but God who allowed me to not put myself into an unnecessary obligation. The great thing is God has blessed me with a car that has been faithful and paid for!

So, before signing your name to another loan, credit card, or debt, think twice!  It now makes sense to me. God wants us to be debt free.  More importantly, God doesn’t wish for us to pass down debts to our loved ones, but requires us to be careful and cautious for every dollar that comes into our possession.

I hope this message was an eye opener for you just as it was for me!  I am now on my way to becoming debt free!

Remember: your choice, your future!

Kemberley Washington is a certified public accountant and professor at Dillard University.  Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on FaceBook.

Using credit wisely: The taboo conversation your parents never had!

Many of us, while growing up, had discussions with our parents about the dangers of drugs. And despite how uncomfortable it might have been for both you and your parents, it’s quite likely that you also had “the talk” about sex. Our parents regularly urged us to stay in school or to choose our friends wisely. But not many of us had a heart-to-heart talk about credit cards. [Read more…]

Use cash instead!

Throughout the day, we are presented with many opportunities to spend our money. Whether it is the promotion at the grocery store, the supersize requests at fast food restaurants or simply your family and friends enticing you to spend, there will always be something. It is ironic with so many opportunities to spend there are few options to save. [Read more…]