Why you can’t stick to your budget!

image1(2)We have all been there before.  You know, the moment you write your income and expenses on paper with good intentions.  You say to yourself, “This month will be different. This time I will reach my financial goals.” But then it happens…

Macy’s has its one-day sale!

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College Educated but Financially Illiterate

unnamedMore and more college graduates are finding it hard to manage their finances.

When I graduated from college, I didn’t realize the many financial challenges that waited for me outside of college.  From choosing the best mortgage, purchasing a new car, investing in real estate and I don’t believe anything could have prepared me financially for Hurricane Katrina!

But ready or not, it was now time.  I was now responsible for making financial moves, right or wrong, it was time.  And I am not alone.

Each and everyday many of our loved ones are graduating from college armed with a college degree in hand, but not prepared to tackle the financial decisions that life throws at them.

Time for a change

Understanding the mistakes that many college graduates are making on their financial journey, I am so pleased this semester to teach my first personal finance course at Dillard University!

I have developed the course to help students understand their credit reports, create short and long term financial goals, manage their student loans and debt, track their expenses, create a saving and investing plan and so much more!

More colleges to offer personal finance courses

With the rise in student loan debt and the higher unemployment rate for recent college graduates, Dillard University doesn’t stand alone.  More and more colleges are adding personal financial courses to their college curriculum.   A recent article finds that college students are considering personal finance courses a must have.  In addition, colleges such as Cornell University, Texas Tech University, University of Georgia, and Ohio State, just to name a few, have personal financial planning programs available to their students, The number of colleges continues to grow daily.

It is my hope that when my students walk across the stage with a degree, they also walk across with the knowledge necessary to tackle the financial decisions that awaits outside of the “Dillard’s Oaks.”  While one course is not the end all, it is definitely a starting point.

Tell me your thoughts!  Are you interested in taking a #kemcents personal finance course? Drop me a line at kemwashcpa@gmail.com or Tweet me!

Remember: your choice, your future!

Kemberley Washington, CPA is a professor at Dillard University and writes a finance blog at Kemberley.com.  She is the author of The Ten Commandments to a Financial Healing. Follow her on @kemwashcpa or hashtag #kemcents.

Balling on a budget!

11702261845In these days and times, you have to not only budget, but also learn how to ball on a budget! With the high price of gas, housing, food and other goods, keeping an eye on your money is key!
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