Budget pass your New Year’s resolution! Kemberley featured in Jet Mag!!

photo-1Remember your New Year’s resolution?  You know the one – you said you would budget, spend less money, and save more. Then came February 1st!  And it all fell down! Hey, you are not alone.

According to a Gallop poll only 33% of Americans prepare a budget. But if you tried and simply failed when it comes to budgeting, these yearlong tips can help you season proof your budget. [Read more…]

Run your personal finances like a small business!

Business man and woman

Few of us think of our personal finances as a small enterprise. But just like any business or government agency, we must watch our bottom dollar.

How do you run your personal financial house? Do you raise the debt ceiling to meet needs? Or do you operate on a budget and save for rainy days?

Whatever method you use to operate your personal finances, you must run things like a small business. [Read more…]