4 Great Apps To Help You With Your Finances

Here are four apps to help you with your finances:  

Budgeting App – Mint

When it comes to budgeting your finances and understanding spending trends, Mint.com is a great way to help you take control of your finances. You can connect your bank and credit card accounts to download transactions and monitor your spending habits automatically. 

Credit Score Monitoring – Credit Wise 

If you are seeking a way to track and monitor your credit score – Credit Wise is a great app to use. It is a free credit tracking app that allows you to track your credit score, view your credit report and improve your credit score through a credit simulator to see how certain activities would affect your credit score. For example, if you want to know if you paid off a credit card account, it will give you an idea of your new credit score. 

Tax Accounts – IRS to Go

The IRS to Go app allows you to check your tax refund, make a payment and find free ways to prepare your taxes. You can also sign up for helpful tax tips and more. 

Saving and Investing App – Digit 

Digit is an automated money-saving app that allows you to save and invest money automatically. It is designed for people who do not automatically save money to reach their goals without thinking about it. 


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