5 ways to save for your next summer vacation!

If you are seeking to get away this summer, we have a few ways for you to save.

#1 Consider a credit reward card

This may be a good idea if you have determined you have good discipline.  Maybe not such a good idea if you are seeking to get out of credit card debt!  But obtaining a credit reward card can help reduce some of the cost of your travel, airfare and food costs.  There is a great listing here that can help you find a few that may work for you!

#2 Get the points

If you are traveling a great deal or if you travel here or there – consider signing up for specific travel reward programs – such as hotels.  This way you can accumulate points and be rewarded for free night stays.  Also, if you do not use the points, you may be able to gift to those who may be in need.  Lastly, this can be a blessing in the event you have to evacuate due to a hurricane as well.

#3 Be on alert

I can recall planning a trip and there I wanted to be certain I obtained the best price possible.  As such, I downloaded an app – Hopper.  This app alerted me when I should purchase the ticket.  I was able to save $100 from the cost of the ticket!  I truly like this app because it allowed me to know when the prices were expected to go up and more importantly the best time to buy.

#4 Plan ahead

If you are planning to travel this summer – plan ahead.  Put a budget together to determine the amount you should spend.  Get an idea of the cost and seek out great deals.  Check out sites such that can help you save on food, outings, and hotel stays.  Consider partnering with friends and family to reduce some of the costs.

Kemcents Tip

If you are hitting the road this summer, check out gas saving apps.   One great app you can utilize is Gasbuddy.  This app allows you to know where to stop to get the best price on gasoline.  It can also be helpful when traveling around time!

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