Credit card interest Are you a business owner? Did you make purchases on a credit card for qualified business expenses? While personal credit card interest is not deductible, you can deduct interest if your credit card was used for qualified business expenses. Bad debt expense Does someone owe you a bona fide debt? If you tried to get your money back, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will allow you to take a nonbusiness bad debt deduction
  College can be expensive!  But there are still ways to help with the cost of college without getting into debt.  Here are five ways to pay for college. Scholarships There are many scholarships that go unused year after year.  Take the time to commit to apply for three or more scholarships per week.  Here is a listing of a few scholarships sites that can help with the cost to pay for college. Also, don’t
My personal finance blog,, is based on five principles I believe are necessary to obtain a financial healing. These five principles have not only been a blessing to others, but have also been a blessing to myself to get my own personal finances in order. I refer to these principles as the B-A-D-G-E! A badge is defined as a means of identification. As you travel your financial journey and have to make difficult financial
Most of us have spent beyond our means. Trust me I know! During my college years, I owned all the latest designer fashions.  Well, shall I say borrowed because I didn’t really own anything, but Discover card did! Even when I purchased a designer item on sale, the fact of the matter is, I often paid 3 or 4 times more than the cost after accounting for the interest.  And the sad reality is, although my

Don’t Give Up

Posted by Kemberley Washington on February 25, 2014

It is easy to give up when the cards aren’t dealt your way.  But if you only believe when times are good, then do you really believe at all?  When you reach the finish line and you do not have a story to tell, how are you going to encourage others to keep believing?  You have to make up your mind today that you will stay in the game no matter what!  You have to protest, giving
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