If you are seeking to get away this summer, we have a few ways for you to save. #1 Consider a credit reward card This may be a good idea if you have determined you have good discipline.  Maybe not such a good idea if you are seeking to get out of credit card debt!  But obtaining a credit reward card can help reduce some of the cost of your travel, airfare and food costs. 
Greenlight Debit Card for Kids (Using debit cards) Helps to educate kids financially.  It provides a debit card for kids that parents can manage from their smartphones.  It is a way that parents can manage kids’ allowances and how much they can spend. It is not a credit card, but a debit card which is funded by parents to encourage healthy spending habits. Bankaroo (Creating spending habits) This app is a virtual bank for schools and students.  It
Just recently, billionaire Robert Smith, Morehouse’s commencement speaker pledged to pay off the student loans of 396 graduates from the graduating class of 2019.  According to Nitro Research, Americans have more than 1.5 trillion in student loan debt. If you are seeking ways to pay off debt here are a few ways that may help: There is an app for that Qoins is an app that uses spare change from everyday purchases and makes a
We are now headed into hurricane season. And while many may be preparing their homes and other property to ensure it is hurricane proof, it is important to ensure your finances are ready as well. Here are a few tips to prepare financially for hurricanes and other natural disasters. #1 Review your insurances This is a great time to review your insurance coverage to ensure you have the necessary coverage to protect against threats your
As summer approaches, According to American Express, the average family may spend per person in the United States is $1,145, or $4,580 for a family of four on summer vacations.  But if you are seeking to have a great time this summer without breaking the budget.  Here are five great things you can do this summer for less than $100! #1 For those who love summer adventure Heli-co provides helicopter tours in our city.  Trips
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