We are now in hurricane season.  And while many may be preparing their homes and other property to ensure it is hurricane proof, it is important to ensure your finances are ready as well.   #1 Review your insurances This is a great time to review your insurance coverage to ensure you have the necessary coverage to protect against threats your property may be vulnerable to.  Particularly focus on three items: Deductibles Review your deductibles to ensure
If you are in the city this weekend for Essence, here are five ways to save this weekend! Parking & Transportation Parking could be challenging, but there are still ways to save.  There is a great app, that helps you find cheap parking in your area.  This app is SpotHero.  The app is free and if you refer a friend – each of you can get $7 towards your parking!  You can also consider riding streetcars.   For only $3.00 a
When we think about financial independence, I believe it is achievable and can be conquered by following a few principles for your financial walk. Set some ground rules that work for your life Your ground rules are simple things that you can commit to daily.  Not just for a season, but for a daily walk. You may say for instance: Every week, I will make it a habit to save $25 towards my emergency goals
For the 12th consecutive quarter in a row, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) states that the State of Louisiana personal income has grown since 2016.  Increasing by 4% for its residents, which is above the average rate of 3.4%.  Louisiana ranks 17th in the nation for personal income growth. What does that mean for you? First, this is great news for Louisiana.  It shows that the state’s economic condtion is improving overall. Coupled with
Having a good credit score can go a long way.  According to Experian, approximately 1/3 of Americans have “not so good” credit scores.  If you fall in that number, don’t be alarmed! Check out this Infographic to help you along the way! Add the good stuff! If you review your credit report and find that an account is in good standing has yet to be reported, take action.  In some cases, there may be instances
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