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Posted by Kemberley Washington on  September 27, 2019

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Copy of Copy of Colr Palett by Kem Wash
Just recently, I had a chance to teach a budgeting class regarding my book, It all starts with a budget! During the class, the participants were challenged to complete a financial fast to help save more money. I shared a list I often shared an article that I wrote some time ago, 21 ways to save. If you are seeking to find savings in your budget and slash a few hundred, here are some steps can
Click image to watch! Building a credit score can take some time. It takes about six months of credit activity to establish a credit score. More than 53 million Americans do not have a credit score. Also, individuals who are in the late teens have a lower score than those who are older. As parents or guardians, there are a few strategies you can implement to ensure your child has a better credit score. Consider
A recent article shows money diets are on the rise. This is similar to regular diets where you make an effort to possibly save more or spend less for a certain period time. If you are seeking a great way to create a money diet or money challenge, check out my 40 day challenge here! So what should you do? Are money diets a good thing? Anything that can help you reach your financial goals
Often you hear advertisements for foreclosure listings, companies promise to give you a laundry list of foreclosures, but for a small catch – you have to pay for it!  But know, there is no need to pay for these listings.  There are several ways to view foreclosures in your area and the best part of it all – it’s absolutely FREE! Depending on the type of foreclosure, there are several resources listed below for your
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