Almost 11 years ago, just like many, I lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. At that time, I started a website and volunteered to help others with disaster financial assistance, which blossomed into today. This was my way of coping and getting my mind off of my own personal loss.  Fast forward, I am still helping others and was truly honored to share financial disaster tips on ‪Fox 8 NOLA‬! If you know someone who was impacted, please
I can recall in my B.C. (before having any cash saved lol) days of simply not having money set aside for a rainy day. I would always think I would do it later but later never came. After realizing this was an area I truly needed to conquer, I decided to do something about it. But where would I start? Stay content First, I decided to start with asking God to simply give me discipline!
Here are 15 free things you can do for fun! Find a free fitness class Enjoy the beautiful views of a nearby beach or lake Take a free tour in your town Visit a gallery or museum Explore a nature hike or walk Enjoy a picnic with a loved one Take a bike ride along a scenic route Test drive your “dream car” Check out your favorite movies or books at your local library Enjoy
We understand money makes the world go around, but passion is what moves our spirit. Without passion and purpose, we are just moving to the beat of others’ dreams. Of course, we can work a high paying job, 50 to 60 hours a week and do what we are asked, but are we really fulfilling the call that is on our lives? Each and everyday, many people reach a crossroad where they must decide between
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