If Jesus came back today and said to you, “Give me $1,000 and I will open the gates of heaven for you,” would you be able to receive your blessings? Or would you have to go to Fast Cash for a payday loan? For many Americans, an unexpected expense may cause a financial crisis. An illness, loss of income, home or car repairs can take a toll on your finances if you’re not prepared. A study by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling reveals that 33% of Americans do not have at least $1,000 set aside for emergencies. I know you are saying,
Sometimes, it can be tough to repay your student loans. Perhaps you have stumbled on hard times and are struggling to meet the terms of your Standard Repayment Plan. However, there is no need to simply default on the loan. Fortunately, you do have other options. If you have been having trouble repaying your student loans, these alternatives may be worth a look: Graduated Repayment Plan The advantage of the Graduated Repayment Plan is your payments start low and are scheduled to increase gradually, usually every two years. Depending on the type of loan, the repayment period is up to 10 years and will not ever
While you have no control over when you will get a raise, you do have a little leeway when it comes to your take home pay.  No matter if it has been years since you have seen a raise, there is something you can do about it. Check your allowances S1, S2, or M3 – what does it all mean? Your tax deductions depend solely on the information you provide to your human resources department via your W-4 form. This form determines the amount of taxes to be deducted from your check. If you’re withholding too much, you should increase
These days, simply earning money from your main gig may not be enough. Simply put – you may need to have additional income outside of your 9 to 5! Nothing teaches us this lesson better than the recent government furlough. For so long, we thought of government jobs as the safest employment opportunity, however in a blank of an eye, many government workers found themselves seeking financial assistance to make ends meet.   Here are a few tips to increase your income outside of your 9 to 5!   Turn your passion into cash I know it may seem impossible,
Everyone wants the American dream and purchasing a home is a great way to achieve it. One sure way to build wealth for generations to come is to become a homeowner. But if you are not careful, just as building wealth can be achieved through homeownership so is destroying it as well. Know what you can afford If you are in the market to purchase a home, chances are, your loan officer may approve you for the maximum amount you and your spouse could afford. But what about the future? For instance, if you are approved for $200,000 based on
  We hear it all the time: save, save and save! But that is tough when bills are due, unexpected expenses come your way and taxes seem to reduce your earnings to nothing. Nevertheless, you must find a way to save. Whether you earn $20,000 or $200,000, here are five ways to save on a tight budget. Start a savings habit I don’t care if it is $5 per month or $500, get into the habit of saving something. Just saving $40 per month can give you $500 for the entire year. That is merely $20 every two weeks. You
Few of us think of our personal finances as a small enterprise. But just like any business or government agency, we must watch our bottom dollar. How do you run your personal financial house? Do you raise the debt ceiling to meet needs? Or do you operate on a budget and save for rainy days? Whatever method you use to operate your personal finances, you must run things like a small business. Get organized Do you know who you owe? Or better yet, who owes you? If your bills or financial documents are scattered throughout your house, it is a
We hear it all the time… we must spend within our budgets. But what does that really mean?  Many people spend aimlessly without preparing a budget and as a result, they usually come up short in their financial goals.  Trust me, I know.  There have been many times in my life, I figured I would just “wing it” or spend according to my feelings.  But that type of attitude got me nowhere.  It wasn’t until I decided I would commit to a budget, then and only then did I see changes in my finances.  Now does this mean that you
Throughout the day, we are presented with many opportunities to spend our money. Whether it is the promotion at the grocery store, the supersize requests at fast food restaurants or simply your family and friends enticing you to spend, there will always be something. It is ironic with so many opportunities to spend there are few options to save. So what can you do to stay committed to your saving goals in a world that requests you to spend so much? Make wiser choices You have to commit each and everyday you will make the most of every dime which
Ok, you can see it in your dreams, the money you will make, becoming your own boss and more importantly, creating your future dynasty.  Your new business is finally closer to reality… and you can finally tell your boss to kiss your future! But wait, hold up!  Are you really financially ready to venture out on your own? Starting your own business requires a financial commitment. It also requires an additional commitment to get your personal financial house in order.  So, before hanging your shingles, consider these tips to ensure a smooth financial transition. #1 Get Your Personal Finances Right
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