One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible states, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones…(Luke 16:10). God makes it clear in His Word, that when He can trust you with little, he will then bless you with much!  So if you want to be blessed with a million, you must first learn to take care of a thousand! But what does that mean? This not only applies
It may be great that you earn a six-figure income, but if you live a six-figure lifestyle – the occurrence of one negative financial event can cause a financial downward spiral. Nothing teaches us this lesson more than the past NBA lockout a few years back. We witnessed firsthand millionaires struggling to make ends meet as they hope to soon get a paycheck. Many of us are saying, “If I had that kind of money,
It is important to create a roadmap for your finances – a budget. Remember, your budget does not have to be complicated, just simple and easy to use. Consider using three steps — A, B and C — to get back on track. The ABC’s to budgeting! A — Automated savings If you have struggled in the past with savings, set up an automatic draft to have the money withdrawn directly from your checking account
In case you need to evacuate this hurricane season or prepare for any disaster, here is a list of documents you should bring with you.  This checklist includes key financial documents such as tax returns, titles, deeds, insurance policies, and other essential items.  Also, keep in mind the list also includes non-financial items such as resumes, licenses, transcripts and other items just in case you need to search for a job or transition to a
Click here to watch video!  Does Uncle Pete owe you money? Deduct it on your tax return! This can get a little sticky, especially if you are expected to see him at the next family reunion. If you tried over and over again to get your money back, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will allow you to take a non-business bad debt deduction on your tax return. So, how does it work? Before you go
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