How to buy foreclosures and REO properties

Often you hear advertisements for foreclosure listings, companies promise to give you a laundry list of foreclosures, but for a small catch – you have to pay for it!  But know, there is no need to pay for these listings.  There are several ways to view foreclosures in your area and the best part of it all – it’s absolutely FREE!

Depending on the type of foreclosure, there are several resources listed below for your viewing:

Sheriff’s Sales

Sheriff’s sales (Public Foreclosure Auction)  These types of foreclosures originate when the lender files suit against the homeowner.  The suit is brought to the state or local courts and subsequently, the court orders a writ to be issue authorizing the public foreclosure auction.  Once the writ is issued, the buyer is required to pay the entire amount of the auctioned price at the auction.  Listed below are a few websites in various areas, however if you are interested in other areas, I suggest doing a search in your area.

New Orleans Civil Sheriff Sale
Houston’s Foreclosure – HOME Program
Philadelphia Civil Sheriff Sale – Foreclosures
Indianapolis Civil Sheriff Sale – Foreclosures
White Plains, New York Civil Sheriff Sale – Foreclosures
State of Louisiana – Civil Sheriff Sales
Lansing, MI – Civil Sheriff Sales
Denver Civil Sheriff Sale – Foreclosures

Bank Owned Foreclosures

Bank owned foreclosures are foreclosures that were unsuccessfully obtained at a sheriff’s sale.  As a result, the property will convert into a REO (Real Estate Owned) property.  These properties are owned by the bank with the expectation to sell to an investor or homeowner.  Listed below are bank owned foreclosures.

Chase REO Properties
CITI REO Properties
Wells Fargo REO Properties
Suntrust REO Properties
Bank of America REO Properties
Coldwell REO Properties
Meridian REO Properties
GMAC REO Properties
Zion First National Bank REO Properties
M&I Bank REO Properties

Remember, Your Choice, Your Future!

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