IRS warns about new scam

Recently, the IRS warned taxpayers about a new scam impacted taxpayers.

The new scam impersonates the IRS by sending emails to taxpayers requesting for users to click on links that appear to be an IRS website.

What should taxpayers know?

Taxpayers should know the IRS will never email you or solicit information via social media accounts.

Recent examples of these emails may have subject lines such as:

“Automatic Income Tax Reminder” or “Electronic Tax Return Reminder.”

These emails ask users to click on links promising information about their tax accounts or tax refunds. After users open the email, it provides a “temporary password” or “one-time password” to “access” the files to submit a refund.

What should a person do if they receive an email or contact via social media?

Taxpayers should contact the IRS immediately. Taxpayers can do so a few ways:


By Phone: 1.800.829.1040

What other schemes should taxpayers be aware?

Taxpayers should also be aware of fake calls from the IRS. These callers threatened to have a person placed in jail if a payment is not made immediately. The IRS will not make these types of calls.

A person would receive several notices from the IRS indicating a balance is due.

Kemcents’ Tip

If a person does owe the IRS, contact the IRS and see what options are available. A taxpayer may qualify for certain payment plans, an offer and compromise or penalty abatement to reduce their liability.

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