Kemcents: Millions of Americans still have yet to receive their stimulus

The last day to claim payment via is October 15 for non-filers.

The IRS recently provided a state by state breakdown of approximately 9 million people who have yet to claim their economic stimulus payment. In Louisiana, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) believes 159,575 individuals fall within this category. These individuals will receive a mailing from the IRS this month to remind them to claim their stimulus payment.

The IRS will send letters to those who qualify.

The IRS will send letters to those they expect to qualify but have yet to claim it. This letter will be the IRS’s final attempt to encourage individuals to take the necessary steps to receive their payments. Keep in mind that if an individual who is not required to file a tax return should utilize the IRS Non-filer tool to claim their payment.

Non-filers, low income, and those experiencing homeless can expect notification.

The IRS will send letters to taxpayers who typically are not required to file a tax return. The IRS has conducted an internal analysis of individuals who have lower income levels based on W2s, 1099s, and other sources to determine eligibility. It is also vital to note that individuals who are homeless or receive no income may also qualify. Therefore it is essential nonprofits, and other outreach groups work with these populations to help them obtain the funds they may need.

Here are steps to take if you have not received your stimulus payment.

If you are someone who has yet to receive your payment, you should take action. Individuals who are generally not required to file a return have until October 15 to utilize the Non-filer tool to claim their compensation. Those who are required to file should make sure they file their 2018 or 2019 tax return. Keep in mind the IRS provides free filing options for those who meet specific qualifications.

Lastly, if you expect that you have taken the necessary steps and still have yet to receive your payment, you can visit the IRS website – Get my payment or call the IRS at 1-800-919-9835.

Taxpayers can claim the payment on their 2020 tax returns.

Keep in mind; if you do not take the necessary steps to claim your payment before October 15, you will have an opportunity to claim the amount on your 2020 tax return.

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