Nov. 2 is the last day to file for disaster unemployment assistance in LA

If you were impacted by Hurricane Ida financially, you have only a limited amount of time to claim disaster unemployment assistance through the Louisiana Workforce Commission. That’s because the agency has announced the last date to apply for benefits is November 2. 

Who may qualify for disaster unemployment benefits? 

Different types of people may qualify for unemployment related to Hurricane Ida, including those who lost their jobs as a direct impact of Hurricane Ida. In addition, the following also are eligible: 

  • Self-employed may also qualify for disaster assistance 
  • You became the breadwinner due to the death of the head of the household because of Hurricane Ida
  • You were unable to start a job because of the disaster 

What information do you need to register for assistance? 

Remember, before you register, your income loss has to be a direct result of Hurricane Ida. So that means you will have to provide proof of employment as of August 29 – the day Hurricane Ida took place and other information. 

  • Proof of wages for the tax year 2020 or 1099s if self-employed 
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your employer’s contact information for places worked in the last 24 months (2 years) 
  • A valid email address 
  • And provide bank account information if you would like direct deposit

What are some other things people should know when it comes to the LA disaster unemployment assistance program? 

You should consider direct deposit because you will have to wait on a debit card to use your funds if you do not. 

  • A debit card could take as long as ten days to be processed, mailed, and received.
  • There are potential fees associated with using the debit card, reducing the amount of money received. 
  • Make sure you provide accurate information to the agency. Intentional false reporting and fraudulent claims could be prosecuted — which could include jail time. So if you know you do not qualify, do not apply for assistance. 

How can a person apply, how much can a person receive and, please reiterate the deadline??

A person can qualify for up to $247 per week. Remember, the deadline is quickly approaching. You will need to apply by November 2. You can do so two different ways: calling the agency at 1-866-783-5567 or using online at 

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