Here is how to help small businesses this Small Business Saturday!

Small businesses are taking a hit during Covid-19.

Now more than ever is the time to support your local mom and pop store. For this reason, Small Business Saturday could not come at a better time.

According to, more than 163,000 U.S. businesses listed on Yelp have closed since the outbreak of the pandemic during the period of March 1 and August 31.

And New Orleans has been hit even harder. According to the New Orleans Business Alliance, the number of small businesses open has decreased by approximately 45.1%, almost doubling the rate of small businesses nationally.


Here are a few ways you can support small businesses this Small Business Saturday.


#1 – Add a small business owner to your shopping list.


If you plan to shop online this weekend, do so purposefully. For instance, if you are shopping for clothing, be intentional about purchasing your clothing items from your favorite local boutique. Doing so — can go a long way. Seek out local businesses within your area using a simple Google search or using social media platforms. Also, consider asking friends and family about local small businesses you can support during this time.

#2 – Buy a gift card from a local restaurant.

Who doesn’t like to eat?

If your budget can support it at this time and you typically eat out anyway, why not support a local restaurant? The restaurant industry has massively been impacted adversely by the Covid-19 pandemic. But here are a few ways to help.

Consider patronizing one small local restaurant by purchasing a gift card. The purchasing of a gift card can account for your dining out budget for the next few weeks or so. Next, support this one restaurant when you plan to eat out during this timeframe. Finally, share your eating experience with others – with hopes they, too, will support this restaurant. Your local restaurant owner will greatly appreciate the support.

#3 Pay it forward whether you plan to spend or not.

Whether you decide to shop — or not — this shopping weekend, you can still pay it forward.

There are still some ways to support a small business.

There is an excellent saying that states, “Sharing is caring!” And for times like these – this statement could not come at a better time. You can easily share information about a small business via your social media platforms or within your circle.

Take time to make a listing of small businesses in your area that you love or one that has helped you in some way or another. Share your testimony concerning this business, possibly as a review on Google or within your network. Doing so can help in more ways than you know!

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Kemberley Washington is a financial news contributor, author, and entrepreneur.  She writes a personal finance blog at and a faith blog at  Follow her on social media at @kemcents.


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