The IRS is now taking calls concerning Economic Stimulus Payments

If you are still in limbo concerning your Economic Stimulus Payment, there may be some help on the way. This week, the IRS has announced it has added more than 3,500 phone representatives to answer calls concerning the economic stimulus payments.  

What should individuals know? 

Individuals will receive a letter – Notice 1444 in the mail concerning their economic stimulus payment. This Notice will provide information concerning your payment and how to contact the IRS if you have questions about your economic stimulus payment. Keep in mind, the number provided on the Notice will guide individuals to an automated message first. It will then offer the option to speak with someone towards the end of the automated message.

What should individuals do if they have questions now?

If you have questions now and have yet to receive your Notice, the best thing to do is to go to and select “Get My Payment.” This option will provide you with information concerning your payment status. It will also inform you whether your payment has been successfully deposited into your account or mailed to your address on file.

What should you do if you believe you qualify for economic stimulus but have not received it yet?

Make sure you meet the requirements to receive a payment. Keep in mind; you have to ensure you meet the following: 

  • Income thresholds
  • Not claimed as a dependent
  • Do not owe back child support
  • Filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019 if you are required to file; 
  • Entered your information into the IRS Nonfiler Portal if you are considered a nonfiler.

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